„A stadium not only means football.

But a sustainable stadium should make business 7 days a week!“   

For a successful venue management, it is essential to meet all requirements by the operator and all international guidelines for stadia and arenas. Through our integral consultancy and coordination, we can provide a target focussed development and execution of a venue and ensuing a profitable operation.

During the entire project we move forward in five steps involving specialists from all disciplines at every time – to assure that all decision processes are harmonized in functional and economical questions as well. Our work is affected by the latest guidelines and experiences in development and operation of new venues. Seasonable design, use of recyclable and low energy building materials, provision of efficient energy power supply and ongoing controlling, combined with highest standards for multi-functionality, will provide a venue, which meet all requirements in safety and security and which attracts its visitors each time anew - and allows a profitable operation as well.



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